Harlow Jiu Jitsu is a BJJAGB accredited training centre.


Harlow Jiu Jitsu Club offers training in the art of jiujitsu.There are many reasons for learning jiujitsu. For example: self defence, keeping fit, or just to make new freinds.Our intructors are all fully trained, qualified and eager to help. Train in a friendly enviroment, to bring out the very best in you and show talents, maybe even you didn't know you had.




WHAT IS JIUJITSU ? ........Jiujitsu is the japanese art of fighting and includes the use of strikes, blocks, kicks and               throwing techniques.  


WHAT DO I NEED TO WEAR ?......When you come along to start, you don't need any special clothing. Just wear an old T shirt and some trakkie bottoms that you don't mind getting pulled about a bit.


WILL I BE THE ONLY BEGGINER ?.......Maybe, but we have people training at all levels and we all started in the same way. So theres no need to feel embarrassed. Maybe bring a friend to train with at the start.


HOW MUCH WILL IT COST?.......Mat fees are £4.00 per session for juniors and £7.00 per session for seniors.


WHAT ABOUT INSURANCE ?.....The club is insured,the instructors are insured and the people you train with are insured, so you will be pretty well covered.


I hope this answers some of your questions. I am sure you will have many more, but just come along and have a look and a chat and we will be more than happy to answer them for you.